Our Story

Where to begin?  

Jarmazing Products started in 2015 to help folks solve a simple problem. People loved to use mason jars to make beautiful soap dispensers for their kitchen and bath, but all the available dispensers were made with inexpensive metals that rusted after a short time in the harsh bathroom and kitchen environment. Sensing an opportunity, we worked with our friends at EcoJarz to make a unique stainless steel mason jar soap lid, ordered some dispensing pumps made from stainless steel, and launched our first product. Jarmazing Products was born! The product was an immediate hit and customers loved that the dispensers looked great and did not rust. Shortly after that, we started offering replacement pumps for soap dispensers. It turned out that most major retailers were selling beautiful soap bottles, but placing the cheapest plastic pumps on top. In short order these pumps would fail, turn the soap green, or otherwise make the dispensers un-usable. By offering a higher quality replacement dispenser, Jarmazing Products was able to help divert waste and let people bring new life into their broken dispensers.

Jarmazing has continued to follow customer desires and continually tries to add value for our customers. We’ve introduced several new-to-market products, including foaming mason jar soap dispensers, mason jar toothbrush holders, and mason jar syrup and condiment dispensers. We strive to make beautiful and functional products that stand the test of time, and help people live a beautiful, healthy life. We strive to delight and inspire our customers, consistently improving our products, our packaging, our customer service, and our processes to generate less waste and offer more value.


Some of our core values include:

-Continual improvement

-Sustainability by default, as well as minimizing environmental impact and plastic use

-Commitment to customer satisfaction


Our small studio and warehouse is located in the small town of Freeville, New York, on the site of a 1800s stained glass factory.  Freeville used to be a railroad town, with 5 lines passing through, and our location had its own spur to bring white sand from the shores of Sylvan Beach on Lake Oneida.  When we bought the property in 2018, there was hardly a remnant of the old plant, aside from a collapsing brick wall and chunks of broken, colorful glass in shades of blue, green, purple and yellow.  After a tremendous amount of work and planning, we built our new facility on the site and moved in in October 2020.  Our new building is super-insulated, tying in with our value for sustainability, and has tons of natural light and windows throughout.  Our employees see foxes, bluebirds, deer, and even baby turtles on a daily basis as they assemble and ship our high quality home décor items.

The Jarmazing Team, 2024

We work daily to improve our products, our processes and our communication, and have developed many small innovations to streamline our product assembly and quality.  We look forward to sharing our whole Jarmazing line of products with you!

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