Mason Jar Foaming Soap Dispenser Lids - Regular Mouth

Color: Black
Size: One-pack
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Beautify Your Life
The rust-proof foaming dispenser pump and Ball brand mason jar will add a touch of style and charm to any setting, from farmhouse cabin to city condo. Our pumps are made with polished BPA-free plastic components to prevent rust, corrosion, and stains, and are easy to take apart and clean. Each unit is hand assembled in our Freeville, NY studio by the Jarmazing team. Say goodbye to disposable soap dispensers forever.

Foaming Soap At Your Fingertips!
Use this dispenser with any brand of foaming soap, or easily make your own. Mix a non-gel liquid soap - such as castile soap or natural dish soap - with water. Less is more! We find that between 5 and 10 parts distilled water per unit of soap works best.

Vintage Charm, Practical Design
With an extra-long dip tube and standard threading, the foaming pump works with most vintage and contemporary jars, including half-pint, pint, and quart jars. Compatible brands include Ball, Kerr, Kilner, Golden Harvest, as well as countless unbranded jars on supermarket shelves. Simply trim the tube with scissors so it just touches the bottom of your jar.

What's Included:
Polished Plastic Foaming Soap Dispenser Tops (Regular mouth lid and pump)
4-Pack of Waterproof Designer Stickers

  • MASON JAR FOAMING SOAP SET:  Each set includes a set of foaming soap dispenser caps and pumps.
  • LUXURIOUS FOAMING SOAP:  Gently press the pump for a delicate puff of sudsy lather directly into your palm. The perfect amount for a thorough hand washing.
  • STURDY PUMPS AND LIDS:  We make every dispenser with rust-proof, leak-proof, BPA-free plastic, so that they’re durable, easy to use and a snap to clean.
  • MAKE YOUR OWN MIX:  Use your favorite foaming soap blend, or easily create your own by mixing non-gel liquid soap with water!
  • DESIGNER STICKERS INCLUDED:  Each set includes a sheet of designer stickers to keep your kitchen organized. Included labels read:  Foaming Soap - in four unique styles.