Mason Jar Sprayer Lids – Black

Size: One-pack
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This Jarmazing sprayer top converts any regular mouth mason jar into a multi-purpose spray bottle!  Get rid of ugly plastic spray bottles and keep your cleaning supplies close at hand and looking beautiful.  Fits all regular mouth (also called small-mouth) canning jars (with a 2.5 inch diameter).  The set comes with our unique mason jar lid, a spray top and an FDA silicone gasket.   The sprayer can be adjusted from a fine mist to a stronger stream setting and comes with an 8 inch dip tube.  Simply cut the tube to fit the jar you have on hand.  

Intended for cleaning products, watering plants, and many other household uses.  The wide neck of the mason jar makes it easy to fill and measure your cleaning solutions, whether you’d like to use a store-bought product or make your own mixes.  Not designed for use with food.

What's Included with each sprayer:
1 Jarmazing Products Mason Jar Lid
1 Sprayer pump and straw
1 FDA silicone gasket

  • FITS ANY JAR: Convert any regular (aka small) mouth mason jar into a handy spray bottle.  Fits all jars up to quart size.
  • CLEAN NATURALLY:  Make your own natural home-made cleaners and sanitizer sprays and customize them with your favorite scents and essential oils.  
  • STRONG SPRAYER:  This set features a pair of industry-leading adjustable stream trigger sprayers, with high output and an extra-large spray pattern to make quick work of any job.  Chemical resistant materials handle the toughest compounds.
  • BEAUTIFUL DESIGN:  These gorgeous mason jar sprayers look classy and stylish on the countertop or shelf, no need to banish your spray bottles under the sink!
  • LEAK-PROOF:  The included FDA silicone gaskets will keep your cleaning solutions secure and prevent leaks or spillage – even if the jar is tipped on its side.